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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

As first-time homeowners, we can honestly say that without Melvin's help we would not have the house that we do today. There were many stressful moments and some setbacks before we closed on our house, but Melvin was able to guide us through the entire process providing valuable advice and support.

Melvin's experience was key when looking at properties since he was able to understand our needs and point out details that we would have overlooked in homes, like storage space or floor plans and that helped in making decisions on what we wanted. When we did find our dream home, he went above and beyond working with our lenders and the seller/builder until we closed on the property. I remember even on the morning before our closing, he was there with the builder going over all the final details to make sure everything went smoothly.

Melvin's passion for what he does is apparent and his enthusiasm and positive attitude made all the difference.

We can't thank him enough for everything!


When I moved to Boston I didn't know a single person but my co-workers. My company introduced me to Real Estate agent. I realized after the first time going out with this person they weren't the right one for me. One night I went out to an event and met Melvin A. Vieira Jr. We talked for a little about what we do and he said if you are interested he would like to show me around Boston before I buy anything.

The next morning Melvin showed up at my apartment and proceeds to drive me around different parts of Boston. We spent several hours together until we settled on Jamaica Plain. Melvin then asked me if we could go out the next day after work and look at some property. We went out looking at property for the next 2 weeks until we found something that I really loved. I would recommend Melvin A. Vieira Jr. to any of my friends and co-workers.

By the way Melvin just sold my house on 1/30/2008 in 90 days in this market.


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